Case Study


FLEX is currently in use with a number of retail pharmacy & dental groups across UK & Ireland and solving many problems. Because of the power and flexibility of the platform, the solution is still evolving but below is an idea of the problems we are currently solving:


Correcting Margin Leakage
Where ever there are multiple parties involved in a process there is potential for error and when these processes are related to money that means lost revenue. Using data from all sources we can flag areas of margin leakage and create savings.

    • Any Reconciliations (PRSI, PCRS, NHS, health insurance providers, patients paid items, unclaimed EPS) – matching remittances with claim items and flagging missed claims.
    • Net Price Validation – comparing contracted prices to prices paid and flagging differences.
    • Overrides  – uncategorized overrides at store level can lead to margin leakage. Providing a connection to store level with a sign off, results in immediate improvement (one of our customer saw a 70% reduction).
    • Stock Gaps & Corrections – out of date stock costs money. We use data to flag stock items for action before that happens.
    • Need Rx – the issue of prescription medication without a script happens and we can flag these instances so revenue isn’t lost.
    • Missed NMS & Overdue MUR – we can use data to identify patients eligible for NMS and MUR so entitlements are not missed out on.
Creating Efficiencies with Automation
Teams can spend up to 90% of their time managing data in Excel spreadsheets. With our data extraction capabilities to automate the import, export and general management of data, which has a massive impact on employees time! Some specific examples of data management in primary care:

    • Rx Requests & EPS Nominations  – automation of process like these, can create a lot of time efficiencies within a group.
    • Over Tariff Priced Products –
    • Invoicing-  triggers can be created to automate the invoicing process.
    • P2P –
    • Dentist Pay –
Driving Continuous Improvement with Auditing Tools
Features like the database functionality, notifications, forms & reports lends FLEX very well to be used as an auditing tool and a number of clients do that for things like front of shop/retail audits, rx process, preparation for audits by regulatory bodies (PSI/GPC), health & safety, customer service. It allows for:

    • All questions to be standardized and centralized.
    • Audits can be done from a tablet and answers are automatically updated.
    • Notifications can be used to set task reminders.
    • Reports can be created of all data recorded for management.
    • Full audit history of all activity by all users.
Measuring Efficiencies with Dashboards and Reports

Any data in the platform can be reported on and custom made to fit our customers’ needs. We understand that some customers may have already invested in reporting solutions so for those customers we can either work with the existing reporting provider or use a combination. One of our customers uses FLEX for reports & dashboards at store level and an augmented MIS solution at head office. The future is FLEXible!


CARAGON have provided us with a suite of fully integrated tools that allows holistic analysis of data throughout all management levels within the business. This have proved extremely difficult for us to achieve previously. This increased efficiency has led to us spending far more time interpreting reports of our data (as opposed to preparing the reports), prioritising actions to take and has led to improved decision making. This has immediately delivered in terms of improved group performance and profitability.” CHRIS MONAGHAN